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Live Casino: close-up on this explosive game mode

Frank Gilligun / May 26, 2021
live casino

Live dealers are actually brought in by webcams and “real time” technology at a live casino. These real croupiers who have a real profession are filmed live. A video conference system retransmits these images. Thus, a player has the option of choosing the live dealer and the game he wants. It is no longer the computer that distributes the cards but these same individuals. The great advantages of the live online casino are that the dealers bring a bit of life to our gaming experience, and they make you want to play.

Can we imagine that the “live casino live” mode (with live dealers) completely replaces games with 3D graphics? Before the year 2000, online casinos competed for the prestige of having the best graphics and decorations. Today, direct casino technology seems to have taken precedence over everything else. Operators are constantly in search of innovation and it would not be surprising to see several online casino brands attempting to convert to this new model of live casino in France.

How to start a session at a live casino?

Having fun in a live casino space is not rocket science: the operators have indeed done everything to make your task as easy as possible. To play live, all you need to do is:

  • Register or log in to your account;
  • Credit your balance using the available payment methods;
  • Go to the “Live Casino” section;
  • Select the game by clicking on it and the dealer will appear on the screen;
  • Place your bets and watch the professional animate the game, hoping to win!

As you can see, playing comfort is key on real-time entertainment interfaces. You would be wrong to do without it …

What are the advantages of the live casino?

If so many players turn year after year to the live casino interfaces, it is because this mode of play brings precious advantages. By playing live, you can indeed find the thrill of land-based casinos, without having to step outside or wait for the gambling house to open its doors. And yes, live tables are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Better yet, even when you leave your home, the croupiers accompany you everywhere: thanks to the live casino on mobile, you face them wherever you are. Whether on PC, tablet or smartphone, ultra-smooth sessions will await you, especially if you choose renowned editors like the ones we will discuss below.

Our guide to live online casino helps you get around the following obstacles

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