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Casinos on Android tablet and Ipad

Frank Gilligun / May 18, 2021

Some web casinos offer a mobile version for smartphones and tablets that run on Android, iOS and Windows. One thing is certain, this is a new market that online casinos do not want to let pass!

A new way to play

Before that, we still have to look at the trends which are quite interesting and which allow us to observe quite easily how the players are evolving.

Initially, online casinos were accepted by players because they no longer necessarily wanted to travel to attend to their favorite occupation. Having the casino on the computer and being able to play from home was a much appreciated convenience. But that was ten years ago. Be careful, we are not saying that this desire to play from home has completely disappeared, it’s just that for some time, we have noticed that some of the players, the one that includes 20-40 year olds, want to play but moving.

This is due to the way of life of this part of the population which spends its time in transport to go to work, which recognizes itself in the use of these new “devices” on a daily basis for all that is management of social networks, etc. ., and the entertainment that casinos are part of must necessarily be able to be achieved from these new mobile devices. It is also interesting to note that some households have completely abandoned computers for tablets, since these perfectly meet their needs by allowing them to browse the net, consult social networking sites and their emails.

Note that our site has also recently switched to a mobile version. You can now find on your Android, Windows Mobile and iPad tablets.

Casinos for Android and Windows Mobile tablets

At the moment, there are around 10% to 20% of casinos that have switched to mobile mode, that is to say that have developed a version that adapts perfectly to tablets.

On most of these devices, you will find the operating systems Android or Windows mobile. Since it is these operating systems that are the most widespread, it is with these that the development of the mobile version takes place first, a bit like online casinos for computers which have all launched a version. Windows before launching for some a Mac version.

Casinos for iPads

The funny thing is that some online casinos are not available for Mac computers, but on the other hand, for apple brand tablets, casinos do exist. This clearly shows that online gambling establishments have understood the value of developing software for the “mobile” market. It must also be said that if the Mac users are much less numerous than the Windows users at the level of the computers, the owners of an iPad are them much more numerous because it is the most sold tablet in France. There is therefore no question of not taking care of these consumers.

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